Flowers and Views

Lupine in Log

Washington does have its bright sides. We finally got out for a good overnight ridge ramble west of here, in the William O. Douglas Wilderness. Views were excellent, flowers were good and poised to get better.

Morning Crescent

Connoisseurs of Washington landscapes will have to forgive me for indulging in straightforward photographic play for a while. I’m new here, and just beginning to build an actual relationship with these places.

Flower Crag View

Some entirely gratuitous and unremarkable pictures of Rainier and Adams at sunset. I assume my official Washington Photographer Certificate is now in the mail.

Orange Blue Rainier

Rosy Adams

Rainier has such a dominant presence, even from a distance, it’s impossible to ignore, either in real life or in the viewfinder. If you don’t exclude it entirely, it pretty much has to be treated as a major element of the composition.


View towards Mt. Adams and the Goat Rocks:


Ridge Pine

First Light Flower

It still feels like a foreign country to me up here after so many years in the southwest and the Rockies, but it is thoroughly beautiful!

Ridgetop Garden


3 thoughts on “Flowers and Views

  1. As an east coast transplant (7 yrs ago) I hear you – it takes time to get to know a place, and it takes time to find your own vision, but seeing what you did with other places I’m sure it will come. Meanwhile, I trust you’re enjoying exploring.

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