Walking by the Water

Waterfall and mossy boulders, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, Idaho

I deeply miss the desert, but one of the great pleasures of my new area is the opportunity to hike and backpack by running water. And nowhere has better river- and stream-side hiking than central Idaho, with thousands of miles of trail along free-flowing and wild creeks and rivers.

Not dramatic light, but sunny days on the Selway are wonderfully beautiful:

Reptiles and amphibians were out, and not necessarily getting along:

A tall and beautiful waterfall hidden in the woods:

Riverside calligraphy on black sand:

The pleasures of such wilderness are perhaps more subtle than those of high alpine or desert areas, but they are delightful. Besides their enormous size and their waterways, another outstanding feature of central Idaho’s wilderness areas is their abundance of wild land at low and mid elevations. Warmth, sunlight, flourishing plants (but without the gloom of the coastal northwest forests), birds, snakes, toads, sandy beaches, and everywhere the sound of water: this country can truly feel like paradise.

8 thoughts on “Walking by the Water

  1. These look like fertile grounds for image making when the light is right. The waterfall photo at the top of the post is lovely. A circular polarizer would have perhaps made it even better.

  2. Do you sometimes see images and instantly wish you’d stumble upon a scene like that? That’s what I instantly felt when I saw the Riverside Calligraphy – love it! All in all, a great and (mostly!;-) soothing set of images. Thanks for sharing!

    • After all those years in New Mexico and the Great Basin, I know the feeling and sympathize! I love the desert, but once in a while one just needs to be beside a vigorous river. Thanks for dropping by, Michael!

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