Green Flood

One of favorite thing in life is running water in wild rivers. I’ve already posted two sets from Idaho’s Selway River this year, but there are a couple still to go. Camping by this roaring rapid at very high water was absolute bliss. I made image after image over two evenings and mornings and could happily have continued doing so for a very long time.

The noise, the cool breeze from the water, the surge of high water waves onto the beach and into the trees, mossy rocks and overhanging cedars…

On our last morning at this camp, I was up early taking photos, when my son Eli came out of the tent looking distressed. After several tries asking what was the matter, he finally came out with a tearful, “I don’t want to leave.” I know the feeling – everyone feels that way on their last morning on the Selway. Camping on a beach by this river is simply paradise.

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