Wallowa Introspection

A small collection from a night at a granite-bound lake in Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains – thanks to the estimable Aaron Cowan for arranging this trip and for good company! Aaron’s photography is well worth a look.

Subtle fall colors were beginning to show in the high country, but there was plenty of green on the lakeshores.

This hike had the obscure distinction of being my first overnight backpack in Oregon (though not my first Oregon wilderness trip – all my others have just been on rivers). This section of the Wallowas had a very similar feel to the Sierra Nevada, but with Rocky Mountain flora.

There were certainly big mountain views and grand scenery to be had here, but this outing found me in a much more introspective mood, and I concentrated on smaller scenes – the grasses and undergrowth especially caught my eye. The Wallowas are my nearest “real” mountain range, and I expect I’ll have time for plenty of large-scale scenes in the future.

3 thoughts on “Wallowa Introspection

  1. These are stunning. I guess your posts have been going in my reader instead of my email. I never look at the reader. Gotta catch up now. The first photo here is absolutely magical for the way the grasses seem to ascend into an impossible sky. I also like the abstract look of the rock photos and what you did with the final image, where reflection mixes with reality – beautiful.

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