Golden Yule

Despite some lovely snow a couple weeks ago, we are not having a white Christmas on the Washington Palouse (though the white stuff may put in a last-minute appearance this evening). But we’ve had lovely golden fields, some spectacular frost and beautiful sunsets recently. And a few days of sunlight, not to be taken for granted in December in Washington, even this far inland.

On one particular morning a few weeks ago had some of the most amazing rime ice I’ve ever seen, and it really made the golden wheat stubble shine. I didn’t get far, but ventured out to shoot a roadside view I’ve had my eye on just a mile or so from home.

Palouse cross section: riparian trees, basalt, wheat field, sky.

Many photographers often seem to take December off, and I certainly don’t blame them. Between the general fatigue of the year and the demands of the holiday season, it can certainly be hard to motivate. But I’ve often found it a lovely month to photograph, as winter arrives but has not yet settled in. Low-angle light, frost, mist, fresh but not yet deep snow, it has most of the charms of the season without the deep freeze or dense rotten snows of January and February. Plus, near the solstice you can shoot sunset and still be home for dinner at a reasonable hour.

Wishing all blessings of the season to everyone!

3 thoughts on “Golden Yule

  1. These are beautiful! You absolutely made the case for getting out in December. And I agree, it’s nice to enjoy the sunset, then drive home and still have time before dinner. :-)

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