Early Crop

The year’s wheat crop has just started sprouting on the Palouse, but it gave me my first harvest of local spring images last week. Everything will look even lusher in a few weeks, but I like the early-season interplay of of brown earth, lime green of the fresh shoots and deep greens of the larger winter wheat.

These folks sure have a beautiful spread:

All these images were shot without moving my tripod for than five feet or so. One of the joys of shooting the Palouse is how much fun it is to play with different compositions and textures in the same view.

3 thoughts on “Early Crop

    • That’s a great way to put it! We’ve often remarked that around here looks like if you asked a little kid to draw a picture of green hills.

  1. I like these so much better than the typical Palouse images I see or have seen. These are truly lyrical, technically beautiful, and evince a deep understanding of the place. Just wonderful. Thank you.

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