Red Palouse Autumn

The Palouse region is not generally known for fall colors, but rather for hills and wheat. But there is color to be found and it was excellent this year.

I often feel that, for all the beauty of the Palouse hills, an important piece of the region’s spirit is hidden in the wooded slopes along its unassuming waterways and little valleys. That spirit was positively glowing in October.

I photographed this same aspen last year, at a little nature preserve near my home. It had a different feel this fall, with red shrubs in the background and just a couple leaves hanging on.

This deep red foliage beside jade-green lichen is a very exotic color palette to me, and I love it.

It had been many years since I’d had a really good season of fall color photography, and I was feeling a bit dejected at not being able to take a major autumn trip this year. But the local landscape surprised me, and it seemed to go on and on. I thought it was fading once, only to have an entire other layer of leaves light up even more brilliantly than the previous round. I get the sense that this year was rather exceptional, but I won’t make the mistake again of writing off autumn opportunities right here near home. This year’s season was an unexpected gift near the end of a challenging year.

5 thoughts on “Red Palouse Autumn

  1. What a stunning gallery this is, Jackson, really beautifully done. What you said about the Palouse is interesting – I still have not made it out there but when I do I expect I’ll also be looking for something other than the prevailing scenes that so many people show. Favortes this time are #4, #5 and #7 – oh, the way the pointillist dots of color verge on abstraction! :-)

    • Thank you, Lynn! Please do get in touch if you ever come out this way, I’d love to show you around and explore the Hidden Palouse. Though even I, contrary as I am, have to admit that those prevailing Palouse scenes can be awfully seductive when you see them in person.

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