Light and Water

Selway River, Idaho

Only by living away from it for so long did I learn to see it again. Now, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of gazing at light playing with running water.

Hurricane Creek, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon
Ingalls Creek, Washington Cascades
Hurricane Creek, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon

7 thoughts on “Light and Water

    • Thanks! I loved the sparcity of water in the desert, the way that the entire landscape was shaped by water’s ghosts and absence. But living here near the Shangri-La of wild rivers (i.e. central Idaho) has really reminded me what a joy it is to see the stuff flowing clear and powerful.

  1. These are delightful, Jackson. I like the alternating views and techniques. Your remarks in the reply above about desert water and mountain water are very interesting.
    I hope you’re enjoying the holidays, inside and outside. Wishing you a healthy, happy, and creative New Year.

    • Thank you! I have to be honest, when I was killing time by the creek where I shot the second and fourth, I thought of you – “what would bluebrightly do here?” Best New Year wishes to you too!

      • :-) What a surprise, well, I’m glad that worked out. Playing with shutter speeds and shooting into the water can be mesmerizing, addictive even. These look joyful.

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