Favorites of 2021

2021: I’m not sure what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it. As always, photography happened, though. Like last year, I mostly stuck to my home region. Summer’s record-breaking heat and seemingly endless smoke were challenging and definitely impacted some of my plans. But an unexpected opportunity to run the Middle Fork of the Salmon, a beloved river I hadn’t seen in ten years, was a most welcome surprise. I reconnected with some great old friends over the summer and made some new ones on the river. And I got to venture north and begin exploring the Idaho Panhandle and far northwest Montana, which together form a wonderful and fascinating geographic region that really needs a coherent, evocative name.

A couple notes:

  • Calendars – thank you everyone who bought one! Sales were substantial and represent significant support for my work, support that will help me pursue some goals this year. I won’t mention them again now that we’re well into ’22, but if you procrastinated or find yourself a calendar short, they’re still available. I’ll definitely be working on another for 2023.
  • Please sign up for my forthcoming email newsletter if you’re so inclined. I will certainly not be overwhelming your inbox, but I would like a more direct means to communicate with my kind followers. I have some modest ambitions and projects in mind, and I hope to be able to tell you about them reliably.
  • Also, if you haven’t taken a look at my main website in a while, please do! I substantially reorganized it this fall and it’s much better.

Without further ado, my personal favorites of the year gone by…

Deep winter, Idaho Palouse
Sunset color and winding Snake, Saqanma (i.e. Hells Canyon), Idaho
Reflected light on Snake River textures
Two trees, Hells Canyon, Idaho
Early spring, Whitman County, Washington
Dappled basin, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon
Water plants, Hurricane Creek, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon
Glassy entrance, Selway River, Idaho
Gleaming whitewater, Selway River, Idaho
Matt Ryan makes it look easy on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho
Cobble bar and bedrock ledge, Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho
Tukudeka (Sheepeater Shoshone) rock art, Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho
Fancy dancer, Chief Lookingglass Powwow, Kamiah, Idaho
Survived the summer: autumn mist touches unburnt forest next to wildfire perimeter, Cabinet Mountains, Idaho
Lichen-strewn autumn: I loved this unusual fall color palette in Montana’s Cabinet Mountains
Bedrock and fall: river cascades under autumn foliage, northwest Montana
Red and jade: Again, I loved this peculiar color combination of leaves and lichen in the Washington Palouse

There’s a reason I seldom post these collections until well into January: I find I often have a bit of good luck in late December, and I need some time to process the results. So it proved this year. 2021 ended much as it began, photographically anyway, in a somber but beautifully snow-covered Palouse.

Sunrise through snowclouds, Latah County, Idaho

4 thoughts on “Favorites of 2021

  1. Such a nice and diverse compilation of photos — I guess I knew most of them from reading your blog but seeing them all together I’d say it has been a good year for you. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing/hearing more. :)

    • Thanks Alex! Five of these have never yet seen public light of day, a testament to my inefficiency, I guess. It felt like a very uneven year for me, but it certainly had lots of good spells.

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