White Hills, White Sky

Living in the Palouse Hills often feels like dwelling in a work of abstract art. One can be surrounded by arrays of parallel curving lines of tilled fields, bulging volumes of countershaded green in summer, a matrix of gold stripes after harvest. But there’s a particular quality of light that happens here in the winter, when the hills have fresh snow and the sky takes on the exact same tone of white. There are a few perfect examples of such days each winter, and last Thursday was a truly excellent one.

All distinction between earth and atmosphere vanishes and only the faintest hints of contours remain visible.

The literal world recedes and one feels unmoored, drifting through abstract forms like the blowing snow, searching for a solid anchor to pin the land back into place.

11 thoughts on “White Hills, White Sky

  1. Such beauty and the details you notice from living there. It’s a special type of beauty, not overly obvious but your words and unique images show the Palouse so well. Thanks for sharing..I came back to look at these again:)

    • Thank you, Eric! I love the springtime Palouse as much as the next guy, but there are many moods here and several very different genera of beauty. I didn’t realize before living here that the Palouse is a landscape with hidden depths and alter egos.

      • Pretty envious that you get to experience the many moods there. I’ve visited a handful of times and I dream of spending time in Winter there. Looking forward to all you share, thanks.

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