Snowfields at Sunset

Hello readers, sorry I’m not more active photographically of late. Life has been hitting me hard. First in a good way: I started a wonderful new part-time job managing our town’s little rural library branch. Then the bad news started coming, with not one, not two, but three simultaneous situations involving medical emergencies for aging parents who live far away. It’s been rough, and photo stuff has not been making my priority list recently. I hope things will simmer down and I’ll be back to it in time, but the fact is that this may be a sparse year for my photo ambitions. For now, here’s a bagatelle from a beautiful evening drive in January across northern Idaho’s Camas Prairie.

10 thoughts on “Snowfields at Sunset

  1. Your photograph is beautiful. Besides the sheer depth in this photo, I like the line in the foreground—a snow fence? I can appreciate the concerns you have right now with your aging parents. It’s a tough time, as all of us who have gone through it know. I wish you and them well, and hope you will be able to resume your photography soon. Don’t forget the restorative feelings that being out there with the camera can bring.

  2. Sorry to hear about your parents, Jackson. Understandable that you’re putting photography behind those needs. But if that scene is a bagatelle to you, then maybe you have to high aspirations right now anyway, and need a little break. ;-) (kidding — such wide open, untouched landscape covered with snow… it’s beautiful!)

    • Thank you, Alex. I guess it’s a bagatelle in the sense that it was low effort and opportunistic. I just spontaneously pulled the car over and broke out the tripod for a few frames.

  3. You have to squeeze it in wherever you can – I’m sorry to hear about the issues with parents but it’s good that they have you.
    This photo has an air of the divine about it – the fence line, the light on the distant mountains, the tree silhouettes – beautiful. Take care!

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