Mist, Creek, Yellow Leaves

…Cold in the mountains, gusting rain
This autumn harmony, its notes fresh and cool
First I hear it rinse away the sweltering summer
Rehear it as it assails my gloom, too many wearinesses…

-Bai Juyi, trans. Susu Knight

I’m still in the autumn mood, though this image is from 2021. Autumn is so different here than in my native terrain of the Southwest. Southwestern autumn is bright, crisp, cool in the morning, comfortably warm in the afternoon, expansive and luminous, beckoning travel and evoking distance. Autumn here is mist and wet, gathering darkness, introspection, damp chill inviting burrowing and coziness, light flickering in the loom of winter. I miss the aspen groves and spreading cottonwoods and clarity, but I’m really coming to love the maples and larches, the dark waters and shrouded mountains.

5 thoughts on “Mist, Creek, Yellow Leaves

  1. This is captivating, Jackson. I’m partial to landscapes with anchors in the foreground and those rocks contrast so nicely with the foliage, then they’re echoed by the mist. I like the feeling that I’m at ground level, too.

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