Pia Soko Katete

The cover image for my 2023 calendar is an old one, but a new release. I shot it back in 2011 on a chilly and stormy but spectacular trip to Idaho’s Little Lost Valley, between the Lost River and Lemhi Ranges. Worth noting is that rocky summit in center left has received a much-needed new name just this year. Formerly called by a very crude term for a Native woman’s breast, the Interior Department upgraded this feature’s name to Pia Soko Katete. As best I can tell from the little Shoshone glossary on my bookshelf, the new name means Big Earth Hill (I’m open to correction here by anyone with firmer knowledge).

I’ve been disinclined to contribute to the frenzy of post-Thanksgiving sales promotions that overwhelms is all this time of year, but I would of course love it if you would buy my calendar! Many thanks to you who have already done so.

Crest, Cliff & Canyon 2023 Scenic Calendar: Idaho Landscapes – 11×14″ or 8.5×11″

4 thoughts on “Pia Soko Katete

    • Thank you, Lynn! Yes, some of these names definitely need to go (this one was a prime example), and I like getting native words back on the landscape. I do think there will be practical limits – I like this sort of thing, but even I am not sure how many Salish or Numic toponyms I could possibly keep straight, and some of that could become a real issue in contexts like search and rescue. But it’s wonderful to see native history and influence becoming increasingly visible in the outdoors!

      • There seem to be quite a few Coast Salish names in this area. Lots of rivers retain their names and I wonder, why rivers and not mountains? I hadn’t thought about the need for search & rescue teams to have complete clarity on names. Interesting.

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